Customer Reviews

I can’t thank 4Matrix enough. We had an Ofsted inspection visit over two days. We have had to present a wide range of information and without your system we would have been lost.

Data Manager, A Sussex School

Prior to using 4Matrix the school had an efficient way of capturing and processing pupil data, but not efficient ways of being able to use the data to generate tangible outcomes. 4Matrix analyses data in a way that would take a huge and inefficient amount of time for a member of staff to replicate. It also has the added benefit that it removes the idea of a “gatekeeper of data” and allows every member of staff to become data-aware.

C Badarello, Assistant Principal, Waingels College

4Matrix strikes again! A huge thank you for the latest release with the subject specific progress scores and updated Press Release. It is your willingness to provide what schools want - as opposed to be deterred by DfE recommendations not to predict Progress 8 and Attainment 8. Everyone understands why they have to make such recommendations, but for you to develop the system to allow Progress 8 to be modelled - so quickly to provide for the needs of your clients - is seriously impressive.

J Lunn, Vice Principal, Teignmouth Community School, Specialist Leader of Education

4Matrix Infinity is really useful in terms of flexibilty and accessibility. It allows me to track all progress including Progress 8 / Attainment 8 from the comfort of home without being tied to a work device. It is also really handy in terms of creating detailed seating plans complete with indicators, and being able to save them to that specific class without the hassle of printing off reams of plans. I like the way I can track, monitor and implement any intervention from any device, allowing complete flexibility.

L Millen, Teacher, St Catherine's College

I don't know if we tell you enough just how fantastic 4Matrix is - I couldn't do my job and stay sane without it!

L Toogood, Brighton Aldridge Community Academy

I am really pleased with how 4Matrix has worked today. All imported, triple checked, and with SLT. I found the Exam Results Days 2018 documentation really useful to prepare in advance and be confident with the data I was giving them.

S Rawlinson, Director of Information Services, West Exe School

I highly recommend 4Matrix to any school. It produces the key performance indicators we require and drastically reduces the time needed to analyse data.

P Davies, Associate Assistant Headteacher, Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi

My life would not be worth living without 4Matrix. I think it’s the best system for data crunching (with the most helpful staff!) that I’ve ever come across – and that is despite being an Excel Wizard and having been in the business for 20+ years!

T Richardson, Data Manager, Patcham High School

The updated Transition Matrix tool is such a useful feature. So easy to set up and tailorable to our school’s new progress policy. We decide what expected progress is for our students, not the DfE. Oh - and thanks for keeping the old TM design so we can use it as required as well.

J Sullivan, Data Analyst, Knights Templar School

I have used a number of similar products as a school leader with responsibility for data/ assessment, but 4Matrix remains the best in my opinion. The range of tools available for interrogating assessment data following a data drop is unrivalled (and grows with every update), it is easy-to-use for most competent middle leaders (though a little bit of in-house training will be needed for some of course!), and it is super quick for data admins to upload and quality assure the data collected.

Teach Technologies, Twitter

Great product. Great support. Great people. I don’t think my vote counts but you can have it anyway!

S Manderson, Assistant Headteacher, Trinity School, Nottingham

One of the most supportive and receptive education product teams I have had the pleasure to engage with.

K Still, Head Teacher, Focus School, Hindhead Campus

Our school uses the 'Assessment Without Levels' system in 4Matrix. It has taken 9 months to embed it and to get our first set of successful results but it is fabulous! The biggest challenge has been to move staff to using a Mastery approach and breaking free from Levels.

N Jane, Facebook

We love 4Matrix and use it all the time – in fact I have been asked to demonstrate it to another local school.

M Farrow, Teacher of Music, Langdon Park School

I love 4Matrix. I resisted it for years as I wanted to do it all within the MIS, but I have never regretted it. It saves me hours, the support is great and I'm excited for the new web version with seating plan maker included. And no, I don't work for them.

NotSoFast, Edugeek Forum

We have been exploring the new tools available for the Welsh performance measures and we are very impressed. The Capped 9 and Welsh Bacc Analysis Tabs give us exactly what we need and visually, the reports are excellent.

O Wood, Assistant Headteacher, Radyr Comprehensive School

I would just like to give a thank you to you and your team for the recent update. I had previously requested the enhancement to the filtering in “groups control” which has been implemented in this patch. It is good to see you guys listening to your clients to improve the product! Keep up the great work!

A McQueen, Business Data Analyst, Norfolk Educational Services

We are moving to using the 4Matrix 'Asessment WIthout Levels' system to capture the data for KS3. I love it! I am very impressed by the speed I can identify gaps for intervention.

C Percy, Director of English, James Calvert Spence College

I find 4Matrix to be an invaluable tool in quickly providing senior leaders and teaching staff with accurate data. It is a reliable system, easy to use and update, and saves the academy substantial man-hours when producing reports for both internal users and external stakeholders alike.

P Hemsley, Data & Assessment Manager, Oasis Academy Immingham

The new Gap Analysis tool is going to save me a lot of time! Many thanks for your fantastic product, which I believe is still the best value-for-money, most comprehensive and most user-friendly product on the market.

T Hacker, Data and Information Manager, Christ's School

I don’t know how I ever managed without 4Matrix. It’s fantastic and saves me so much time!

J Hazell, Data Manager, King's Lynn Academy