Performance Tools for Schools

4Matrix provides power tools for use at key stages 3, 4 and 5, to analyse, compare, forecast and report on the performance of subjects, the progress made by different groups of pupils, the consistency and impact of teaching, and key school performance indicators.

It will import and automatically process data directly from SIMS and Bromcom in minutes, or simply copy and paste data into the system from spreadsheets.

As well as 4Matrix Desktop, there's now online-access to key features of 4Matrix via 4Matrix Infinity. 4Matrix Fusion is our new web application for Trusts and groups of schools.

Whole-school analysis

Process results in minutes

Investigate learning effectiveness

Import from MIS and spreadsheets

Access data from anywhere

Make Sense of Your Performance Data

4Matrix is supporting over 1200 secondary schools to investigate performance, improve outcomes and 'close the gap'...

Why does our school need it?

4Matrix is the most powerful system available to manage the performance of pupils across their subjects.

It can help school leaders to demonstrate Outstanding Leadership through the use of performance data.

It will reveal a huge amount of extra information from the information stored in your school MIS.

What does 4Matrix do?

4Matrix will easily import data from SIMS and Bromcom using an in-built extraction tool. You can also copy and paste into 4Matrix from spreadsheets.

It will process your examination results on-screen and into printable reports on Exam Results Day in minutes.

It will identify key groups of pupils and provide evidence of the impact of interventions, including Pupil Premium.

What distinguishes 4Matrix from other products?

There are some fundamental features that distinguish 4Matrix from other similar products, including:

1) Data Protection - Data that is imported into 4Matrix is hosted by the school. We never see it, unless we're providing remote support or training.

2) Data Processing - It can take less than 2 minutes to import a series of tracking/results data into 4Matrix. No need to send data outside of school and wait for it to be processed!

3) MIS Extracts - 4Matrix includes powerful data extraction tools for SIMS and Bromcom, designed for easy importing on exam results days. You can also import from any other MIS using spreadsheets.

4) Photo Reporting - Pupil photos can be imported into 4Matrix and there are a range of reports that can be produced from these, from 'difference from target' reports to exam results certificates.

5) Whole-School Analysis - You get the full suite of tools for each key stage (3, 4 and 5!) as part of the standard licence. No need to purchase add-ons or bundles!

6) The 4Matrix Approach - 4Matrix supports the work of the knowledge-driven, self-evaluating school, with advanced tools for undertaking research into teaching and learning.

7) After-Sales Service - With an extensive range of guides, videos, knowledgebase articles, ticketing support service and emergency phone support, you can be sure that you're in safe hands. This is all included as part of the standard licence as well!

8) The 4Matrix Team - We're an ambitious team with a sharp focus on developing the best tools for schools. Some of our support agents are also active Data Managers/Data Analysts and our customer service is second to none.

Why is 4Matrix essential for managing pupil progress?

4Matrix offers a sophisticated Progress 8 performance tool which supports modelling of Progress 8 predictions.

Our Curriculum Design and Assessment (CDA) tools provide a complete solution to 'Assessment Without Levels' at KS3.

The KS5 Value Added tool helps to ensure that whatever method you use to set targets is effective in leading to positive Value Added for all pupils.

How can 4Matrix help schools support effective teaching?

Teachers can investigate learning effectiveness across their classes through an action-research approach.

4Matrix will provide quantitative evidence to support Gap Analysis and the impact of intervention for groups of pupils.

Tools such as the Subject Profile and Subject Overview provide comparisons in impact between subjects and teaching groups.

How can our school get started with 4Matrix?

Getting started is simple. Senior school staff can order 4Matrix from the Order link and have it up and running the same day!

You will get the first month free and you can cancel your order if you're not completely satisfied.

It's easily installed on a server - or a stand-alone PC - in around 15 minutes. Then use it with your own data and wonder how you ever managed without it!

What about Trusts and groups of schools?

Trusts and groups of schools can use our new Trust Dashboard solution, 4Matrix Fusion.

This is a new, web-based performance solution that uses the power of 4Matrix to provide top-level analysis of school performance data.

More information is available on the Features page.

How much does 4Matrix cost?

4Matrix Desktop costs just £1195 + VAT for a 1-year licence and new customers can sign up for a 30-day free trial.

4Matrix Infinity allows the school to access a selection of main features via the web for an additional £225 + VAT per year.

4Matrix Fusion is our Multi-Academy Trust Dashboard solution. Please visit the Features page to find out more.

Discounts are available for colleges (KS5 only) and schools in Wales.

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